In Sky Haven v1.0.1.266, we have implemented localization mods support.

At the first run, the game will create a new folder C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\RealWelders\SkyHaven\Mods and will copy Sky Haven Native Localization Mod to it. All user mods can be placed also in this Mods folder.

Mod content:

descriptor.mod is the main mod file where we can describe our mod content

base descriptor structure:

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Every mod support multiple actions and for now, Sky Haven support 2 actions:

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For users’ mods, the game will create order.txt in Mods folder where the user can adjust mods’ order. For now, mod_id is a mod folder name

Native localization mod descriptor:

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TestMod descriptor:

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We hope it will help to create custom localization and help fix bugs in some languages.