Feature request and game discussion
enable to build baggage conveyor belt (overground - underground) from check in desk to many x ray security scanner that end to baggage bay
and build baggage conveyor belt (overground - underground) from baggage bay to baggage belt in arrival area (like airport ceo game)

and allow to build custom baggage conveyor belt in arrival area
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We plan simplified system for the release. All complex stuff as (multilayer) belts, different sorters, scaners, manual luggage check, speed belts, capacitors and many other we decide to move to special DLC. It looks like game-in-game and takes pretty much time to develop. Also not all players are happy to dig in all that belt logistics.
I could live with the extended baggage system being a dlc only if it adds something to the game and the initial version system is a working solution that works properly.

Of course the improved baggage system is integral to an airport game so it would be nice to have as an update after the initial release and with that I mean a free update.

But first we have to see how the initial system works ;)