Feature request and game discussion
By Ryan
Not to be rude, but it seems you are cutting corners on some aspects of development. I don't want another SimAirport, but that may be what I get. take your time, and don't rush. We can wait for now.
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By Evgeniy
Yeah. Developing a game is always a matter of trade-off. Quality/depth one the one side and money/time on the other. If you not Blizzard of course.

So we have to decide almost every day. How we'll make services, management etc. There is always risk to over-simplify something or cut important features. Or vice versa go deep into details and fail to release whole game at all.

This forum is supposed to be one of the tools for correct to make decisions. Specify your concerns and let's discuss. May be your vision force us to change design. Or our arguments will convince you that it's going right way ;).

TL;DR:Be specific and let' discuss.
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By maxter
You are right, Ryan above seems to have made a pretty sweeping statement, with little context as to what his issues are.
I'm curious as well to know what these are given so little actual information that is out there.
By Ryan
Found the post I wanted. It seems the initial release is going to be very basic, and I have a feeling that people will buy game, give it low rating and bad publicity. I would be fine waiting over a year! :D