Having seen the videos, so cool, looks really really good and look forward to playing it.

Recently just paid for Airport CEO, which is still in Alpha, no issues with that but they have stopped people signing into their forum and posting and getting very annoyed at the purpose of an Alpha is getting feedback, correct and improve the game!

So far from what I see from 'Sky Haven', its a far superior version in progress and seems you are working hard to provide a realistic and fun airport manager game, look forward to an open Alpha or Beta release.

As I work for an airline, in operations, (previously with SWISS, now working for another well known airline company), it would be interesting to see how realistic and fun your game is compared to ACEO as they are getting there slowly, very slowly and less fun and realistic than yours.

Hope to read more via email, best of luck and keep up the great work, been waiting for something that looks good and works as a fun more realistic airport manager game.