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ÿþWhat's the difference between a camping best bivy sack and a backpacking sleeping bag? In general, camping bags offer plenty of room to move around in, while backpacking bags are light and snug. If you'll be using one bag for both activities, choose a backpacking style because you need it to be lightweight if you're going to carry it in a pack. Read How to Choose Sleeping Bags for Backpacking to learn more about bags for the backcountry.In general, campers want bags that offer ample room to stretch out and roll over, which is why so many camping bags have a simple rectangular design. It's hard to predict if you feel a bag is roomy enough without zipping yourself inside a bag. So, it's a good idea to go to an REI store to "try on" different bags to see which bag styles feel most comfortable to you. Sleeping bags come in three basic shapes:

At Internet Monk, we had a little fun at his expense last week, fully anticipating this outcome. Since the failure of his "Judgment Day" prediction, the "I told you so's" have come rolling in from all quarters. A few, to be sure, have expressed concern about the disillusionment of his followers and have reached out to them in various ways, but for the most part his failure has fed the comedians. The world has mocked. Many prominent Christians have called him a false teacher and have shown his prognostications to be off base and foolhardy, a sentiment with which I cannot disagree. His teachings have been thoroughly discredited.

On ultralight bivy a side note can you imagine the reckless hysteria and problems if a natural disaster did occur yesterday? What would have happened it that Japanese tsunami hit yesterday as compared to a couple months back? For me it shows the danger of irresponsible theology and how that effects people. But the world is crying out for love, I know I am. But the church does have an opportunity to show love and grace in this entire mess. The question is this⬠¦will the church step up to best waterproof family tent the plate?" I must in conclusion say a few words to our modern Epicurus wantoning in his gardens with his favourites of both sexes. On your side are the fat and the sleek in their festal attire. If I may mock like Socrates, add if you please, all swine and dogs, and, since you like flesh so well, vultures too, eagles, hawks, and owls. We shall never be afraid of the host of Aristippus. If ever I see a fine fellow, or a man who is no stranger to the curling-irons, with his hair nicely done and his cheeks all aglow, he belongs to your herd, or rather grunts in concert with your pigs."

such craziness gets me fired up. not so much that i feel the need to vent like i used to. wringing hands & being remorseful because of gloating over the intensity of negative press misplaced IMHO. it is this after-the-fact somber considerations a day-late-and-a-prediction short. i have no sympathy for Camping or those he duped. it could be if kids beach tent others in the church could have coordinated a concerted voice in speaking out more strongly against the apparent stupidity, the collateral damage could have been minimized.2. It is in times like these that I really love being Catholic, the magisterium is there to prevent this kind of nonsense, we can argue about the little things and some of the historical issues. But these are men who devote their lives to making sure that the Dogma the church follows is sound, I know how some feel. But I for one find that a great start place, I have not shut off my mind, and I still study. But if I've gone way south of their teachings then I have to re-examine mine, I simply use them as a marking point for systematic theology.

Meanwhile, Camping⬠"!s non-profit was proceeding as if the all-important date were irrelevant to business as usual. ⬠SWe're going to continue doing what we're doing⬠, one official explained after the failed date. Secretaries remained busy booking appointments for coworkers, and the organization had taken the precaution of filing non-profit extensions up to November 15th. And in the farewell letter he issued beforehand, Camping somewhat paradoxically urged his employees to ⬠Ssteadfastly continue to stand with us to proclaim the Gospel through Family Radio⬠. Hey, he⬠"!s already hedging his bets by talking ⬠Safter⬠. What⬠"!s that all about, anyway?But I am indeed laughing at them. Why? Because Rev. Camping made it clear that the reason the Rapture is coming now is because the world is so immoral that God must end it, like he did with the flood. And a prime cause of that immorality? Homosexuals gaining rights and respect around the world.

These people make a point of saying that they are more moral than you, and certainly more "worthy" than you. They are part of an elite the very few people that God will choose to "save" while the rest of us wicked people writhe around in torturous conditions. What they wish upon us is far more than laughter and humiliation: it is a slow painful death, the "wages of sin" that we so richly deserve. So no, I do NOT have sympathy for someone who delights in the thought of my torture and death while they party it up in heaven, and believe that this is all God's plan. It is, in fact, a very dangerous idea, and one that is rightly mocked and derided.The same people heavy duty tent stakes who helped my family when my father was laid off from the mines. The same people who help when someone sinks their life savings into a small business and it fails& family, churches, government etc& People make stupid choices all the time or bad things happen to them all the time there are provisions for that. I am far more sympathetic to them that I am for a group of people who invested their life savings in a concept, that had it been true, would involve them gleefully laughing Image at the suffering of myself and my loved ones&