Feature request and game discussion
By Ryan
It would be fun to have an airtrain that goes between terminals, like at most major airports. Maybe this is something that becomes available after your airport reaches a certain amount of pax (10M?) as it would be pointless and unrealistic to put an airtrain in an airport that has 100,000 passengers a year. You would have to build the track and stations, and possibly even choose frequency/rolling stock.

Secondly, spam in the forum is ridiculous. I know from talking to a dev in discord that he is just getting around to taking care of it, but still. This forum is for talking about Sky Haven, not payday cash loans near me.
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By RealWelders Evgeniy
It's a good idea and we have it, but with "one day" priority. As well as unlocking options when an airport growing.

Regarding to spam I try to ban/delete everything this kind ASAP and thank you very much for help.

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