Feature request and game discussion
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By CaptainGabe
I just would like to say thank you for bringing this type of game genre and setting the bar so high. I don't mean to bring other names in, but when I saw your Pre-Alpha gameplay, I could not stop but think of Air Mogul, a classic Airport Tycoon game that I played for hours and hours on end. I always wished I could play it again, and it seems you are making a much more detailed and serious game off of it. I am excited, and can say you have a STRONG supporter here. Working in aviation, it is great to see the level of detail being taken into account online, in a simulator (Game? idk).

Many companies seem to make these types of games and make it to where it is a "arcade tycoon" style and not so much an actual tycoon game. I really see the little details you are putting into this, and I am eager to play it.

I will be following closely!
Gabriel G.
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By Evgeniy
Thank you Gabriel! And welcome to the forum.