Feature request and game discussion
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By calpolyfan
So, I have heard clues that the game Sky Haven should be released fairly soon.

That was a bit surprising to me, as, while the game has a lot of very promising stuff, there didn't seem to be any large-scale airport tested, and there are no working jetways.

Working jetways seem like a minimum for the base game release version. I am sure there will be "updates" to the game, but having a solid base game is very important to future success, as I'm sure you guys know.

So, hoping you could answer, roughly what percentage complete is the game so far?

Is there any release timeline?

At release, should players expect a complete game, or a rush job work in progress?
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By Evgeniy
It could be soon only in terms of years. Yes we plan it in this year. As you ment there are a lot to do so it's hard to be more precise.

Of course we plan to release stable game with all the key features (incl. jet bridges). I don't know anybody ho have ever planned other.

Regarding the percentage there is good expression: "After first 90% percent of a game you need to make second 90%"