Feature request and game discussion
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By Aggurt
How will staff work? Do you hire staff or do they come with the various items?

(sorry for not knowing the terms) :?
What kinds will there be?
- Janitors? (take care of trash, collect bag trolleys back to their stands, water plants, sweep the floors) maybe upgraded with one of those cleaning cars
- Baggage guys? (drive the bag trucks/works at the bag centers)
- Mechanics? (Service planes, repair all machines that break down)
- Security staff? (work at security controls, passport controls, customs)
- "Airport staff"? (work at check-in desks, gates, information desks) These could be employed by the airlines and you wouldn't need to bother about them

Will there be any kind of top management or advisors? Would you need to hire them?
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By RealWelders Evgeniy
It's a bit early to tell definitely. But all of the above will be somehow or other.

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