Feature request and game discussion
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By Aggurt
I just want to start and say thank you for building this game. I've been waiting for a good airport tycoon game for ages, don't think that anyone have really delivered yet, this one looks promising. :D

I have a question about ticketing. Today I suppose most passengers buy there tickets at a ticketing agency or online, however will it be possible for passengers to arrive at airport with a wish to travel but no bought ticket yet? At the airports that I've visited airlines usually have a stand. I guess it is mostly used for baggage loss/arrival info/delays/refunds etc. Will there be such an object in Sky Haven? If so, is there/what is what's the mechanics behind passengers needing information? :?:
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By RealWelders Evgeniy
Yes we have airlines offices in plans. This is objects related to airline interaction. Player unlocks this building when achieve cpecific level of airline cooperation.

Mechanics will be the simimlar to other satisfaction objects. Passenger has needs, and for each satisfied need he/she give rating (and money sometimes). Rating depend on many things. Serive level of object (small cafe or restaurant), passenger type (backpacker or vip) etc. On departing this rating influence on the overal airport rating.

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