Feature request and game discussion
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By ToniLempio
I installed the alpha version and would like to help improve the game. Unfortunately I'm currently too stupid to build that it even works.
Is there a tutorial or a short video about what needs to be connected?
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By Neuneu
Do you use discord ?
I could help you
Let me find the sky haven server. I m going to paste the link in the next post.

I stream game on the discord server so i could explain you how to start successfuly your game . I did 4 or 5 tries before success
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By Battersea
There are some others that have posted an Alpha play through as well, The one from Skye Storme and Katarina of Sky are pretty good as well.

Enjoy, but please keep in mind that this is an Alpha version and that the game can crash now and then. Also AFAIK you cannot save the game yourself for now, you have to wait for in game midnight time to let the game autosave. Another tip, back-up your autosaves as mine got corrupted with around 5 hours of game play (obvisously with many crashes and rebuilt actions) in it... :(

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