Feature request and game discussion
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By Neuneu
We have our plane list in the left corner. Why do not add in this list some plane with an emergency ?

For sure i would receive emergencies only if i bought the correct base for it ( fuel emergency if i have a fuel base, tech emergency of i have a flycheck ramp, and people can go crazy or sick or have an heart attack in plane sometime so why not a PAX emergency as well ? )

There should have many emergencies in the 1910's because planes weren't very reliable in these times.

How should it work ? An emergency appears in the fly list ! I have to take it otherwise plane will crash at the end of the timer and i have issues (rating or money penalities ), so i have to cancel asap a plane on my ramp to accept this emergency.

For fancy, plane could smoke for tech emergency :D

What do you think of this idea ?


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