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By killernat
I don't know if you guys have a bug reporting system yet but here are some i ran into pretty fast

1. After exiting a game then starting a new game(not closing the program itself) when placing assetes money will be deducted but nothing placed a full game restart is required.

2.after canceling a parking service planes will just sit on the ramps sometimes and may even extend to all other aircraft waiting (not sure how to repeat issue) requires starting a new game to fix

3. when resuming a game (from save) just before daily report maintenance costs will be stuck looping and constantly removing money. restart required

4. service viechals got stuck in front of maintenance building when deleted it crashed the game

5. when deleting a terminal game will crash

6.(graphics) some planes wont have props spinning and others will while not parked
7. some technologies will not unlock ( aero snakes, luggage drop zone, concrete structures, flight scheduling)

game play issues:

1. camera is too sensitive for rotation
2. "money points" is an awkward phrase
3. no upgrade option for runways/ taxi ways
4. linking services should work both directions (i.e. you Should be able to click the service then link it to a ramp)

Feature request:
In game menu
love the work your doing keep it up
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By Kaffeebart
Game crashes to desktop without error message each time i want to open details window for
any fuel hand pumb and barrel stock, post warehouse or cargo storage, passenger service and luggage service.

Seems that each building which could have an update like "hoist and winch" or "advanced mail service" has problems.
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By oma95to
I add one found on my own:

I play with a monitor which is 3440*1440 and when opening the research tab half of it isn't reachable and I cannot move it
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By Neuneu
Got 1 and 6 from the first post

and just crashed to desktop by the end of day 2 when i was saying " hmm i have to save this game !! "

a bug report system ingame would be great for you.
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By ToniLempio
At day 1 in the game at time (14:00) an airplane blocks the runway. Everything stands sill.
Mistake : 6788 could not find a path :-(
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By RealWelders Evgeniy
Pls use bugtracker for reports

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