Feature request and game discussion
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By abdmeka
1- Multi-storey car park for passenger cars and Parking lot
2- hotel for passenger (enable to connect hotel to terminal by bridge)
3- hospital or medical center with ambulance to treatment passenger in emergency situations
4- quarantine in airport
5- police station with police cars to secure the airport and arrest criminals
6- fire station with fire trucks to extinguish the fires at the airport and help airplanes in emergency landing situations
7- fire extinguishers inside terminal
8- bathrooms and trash can and inside the terminal and VIP departure lounge
9- hangar to repair and Maintenance airplanes many design (small hangar - medium hangar - large hangar )
10- bus stop and taxi ranks and metro station (to bring people from city to airport ) and enable to build monorail between terminals if i have two terminal in my airport and enable to build roads for passenger cars from edge of the map to airport
11- radar tower
12- many Control Tower design (small Control Tower - medium Control Tower - large Control Tower )
13-landscapes and scenery in front entrance of terminal (trees & palm & flowers & lakes & fountain & park lamp & trash can & Vase for trees)
14- weather effects like rain and thunderstorm and fog and snow
15-full day and night cycle
16-cargo terminal and administration building for airport
17-Luggage trolley or Luggage Carts or Baggage carts inside terminal (make passenger use Luggage trolley)
18-enable to place security cameras and monitors that show Flights Schedule inside terminal
19- enable to place speaker inside terminal
20-Make the fuel truck install the hoses in the aircraft when refueling
21-orange lights from all Vehicles in day and night like (Shuttle apron buses - fuel trucks - Baggage cars - airplane stairs ... etc)
22- full glass Jet bridges
23- airplane lights (green and red light in the wings and many other lights At the top and bottom of the plane)
24-Make the passengers waiting the flights in the departure lounge using the seats and going to restaurants and bathrooms.
25- enable to constructing and management airport in desert environment
26- enable to build fences around the land of airport
27-enable to take look on your airport from Control Tower like airport tycoon 3
28- make workshop page in steam to add many things to the game
29- add all airlines company to game
30- gas station for passenger cars
31- hire Janitor and Security Guards and Engineers and Mechanics and many worker to keep the airport in service
32- Toilet Service Trucks (Lavatory Service Truck) to empty the waste tank in the aircraft
33- make some Flights Delayed for many reasons such as maintenance aircraft or bad weather ... etc
34- make Accidents and emergency landing happen in the game
35- Weather Forecasting Center for the airport
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Toilet Service Trucks empty the waste tank in the aircraft

and big hangar for airplane

and Luggage trolley or Luggage Carts or Baggage carts
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Hahah, that is indeed a long list. Having all of that would be sweet :)

I think many things in the list can already be seen to some extent in the screenshots / videos shown.

The devs will share with us more vids and screens as they build more! I hope :D
By Ryan
Great ideas, one thing that could come in the game is a special commuter rail station. T.F. Green Airport in RI has this (though most of the ridership is for Warwick, the town the airport is in)

Another one is (don't remember if this was suggested ; such a long list) being able to designate drop-off and pick up areas. These could all be connected by a central road with exits for each terminal (Exit 1 for T1, Exit 3 for T3), which would then head off screen, supposedly to the city or the highway.
So far, I am very encouraged by what I have seen from the developers of this game.

I had been hoping for a 3D airport building game for a while, and hadn't heard about this one, but it's looking promising.


I would like to see:

The ability to build larger terminals, with different concourses (and the simulation doesn't have a problem with concourses), and a few options for roofing/cladding to the terminals. I love that the Jetbridges have such detail and there are so many options. I also like the numerous airport vehicles and baggage vehicles etc.

I hope there is a feeling of having to save money, and slowly grow your airport.

It would be great to have a few different "levels" of jetbridge to buy (besides 1, 2, 3 jetbridge options) but, just a better looking jetbridge (clear glass for example) vs. a very cheap jetbridge with rusty steel etc.

It would also be nice to "upgrade" things like towers, start with a very small tower, and then slowly upgrade it, or have a few different tower types. Also, upgrading things like the cladding/glass to terminal siding etc. would be key to making this game look good.

Having cold weather/snow/ rain / evening /night cycles would also add a lot, but could likely be added later.

It would also be great to have at least 2 underground layers to build tunnels and people movers under tarmac.

Maybe having 3 story above ground levels would be nice as well, as would parking structures, taxi cues, bus stops and maybe train connections.

Finally, making sure vehicles look like they're moving smoothly is important visual eye candy. I noticed in the teaser that airplanes abruptly turned angles and the movement could have looked more fluid.

Other things that would be fun might be underground and above ground moving sidewalks as terminals grow.

Everything though is looking great!
Evgeniy wrote: Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:26 pm We have almost all of this in plans ;). There some doubts with multi-floors: how easy it will be to manage 2-3-4-5- ... floors.
Thanks for the reply.

I definitely think at least 1 layer of underground should be incorporated into this game.

Underground movement is very important in an airport, not only for passengers going to other terminals, but for luggage as well.

Baggage, and people are often transferred underground (especially to "Island" Concourses) , without underground passageways/basic tunnels, "Island" concourses, like are found in a lot of Airports around the world would not be possible.

I understand you don't want too many levels (and it could be hard for you guys to implement) but I really hope you guys go underground a level. Two above ground levels should be adequate (I can't think of too many airports with more than 2 levels (although there are a few).. especially if the top level can potentially have an ornamental taller roof atrium area (think Dulles airport).

Keep up the good work, and understand if it is just too much work etc.. but a "toggle between layers" button in the corner could make it pretty easy to quickly switch between the three, four (or more) levels players could build their terminals.

Anyway, just my two cents, keep up the good work :)