Feature request and game discussion
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By liebbe10
Is a more complex baggage system with belts and scans you have to build planed? Right now in the Devblog 7 video it looks like just building a check-in desk and a garage for the baggage cart .

Greetings Ben
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By Baumbart2012
i hope, you can cross baggage belts, i played a lot of Airport CEO (simulation in alpha state, but in 2D), there it is not possible (yet?) to cross baggage systems which leads to some problems when expanding your airport
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By RealWelders Evgeniy
We will implement complex luggage system. But not sure if it will be in release or dlc.
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By Baumbart2012
I hope you make that game without major DLC with such critical content as baggage systems.
I generally hate the tension nowadays to release a reduced maingame with as many DLCs as possible.
From what i see, this game looks like be cost about 15-25€, for that price i actually expect to be able to experience the full game...

Actually if you already confirm before release that DLC with massive gameplay-changing content will be added, I would even consider if that game is really worth it :cry:

I hope you make a fullgame with (in best case) no DLCs needed.

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