Feature request and game discussion
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By liebbe10

First of all I wanted to say, that your game looks really great and stumbling over it made my day!

Although the features I read sound very promising, just out of curiosity I wanted to ask if you consider (bad) weather and depending on that, the appropriate airport operations. I think about low visibility where planes would only land, if you bought an ILS for the runway (and maybe with a lower landing rate). Or on a rainy day airlines with high standards would demand something like mobile stairs with roofs for protection or they would prefer jetways (I don't know if you consider passenger/airline satisfaction).
Those ideas are probably for a later release but I wanted to mention them :)

Nevertheless, looking forward to the game!
Greetings Ben
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By RealWelders Evgeniy
I would say: We have some plans for the weather and it's condition.

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