Feature request and game discussion
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By Underdel
I was wondering
- if it was possible to add a tooltip to on the locked research to know what is missing to unlock it. I have reach the years, unlocked all the possible researches, build all the possible buildings and still I have some researches locked (tree from luggage drop zone and concrete structure).
- When will it be possible to have some simple crossing between taxiway and road. So far it makes a bit all the airports looks the same.
- When will it be possible to get another tower to get further the 20 planes limits and buy some new lands.
- Would also be good to have a way to "delete" flight plan because I soon as you start to get multiple runway sometimes planes get stuck face to face and there is no way to unblock them.

Anyway last patch, was very good, it made the game so much more stable congrat on that, keep going, can't wait for the next one :D :D
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By sag032
...and one-way taxi ways, the option to change the runway usage direction.
perhaps even one-way runway entrance / -exit.

I have enjoyed the previous 50 hours, looking forward playing the next 50.

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