Feature request and game discussion
So, not to get ahead of ourselves here, as I know there has been a lot of scope creep with Sky Haven, but I am watching how the road networks are being implemented in Sky Haven and it seems like it would work great for a city building game.

Studios such as Colossal Order have shown that smaller teams can make hugely successful city building games. The city building genre I think would reach a larger audience than airport management/building, however, both have their niche audiences.

The only problem for you guys would be that you don't have the manpower to create the huge number of buildings needed for a city building game..

How is this for a solution:

- Use the Sky Haven Road network, but have the users create the building models on many different sized lots.

- The game would come with a very good building editor, where the player would specify building type (such as Commercial (with sub-categories such as wealth/# jobs/ create entry points/ select mixed use even)

Players would create their own buildings, design them, and set the building specs themselves, or download buildings created by other content creators, alter/tweak them, or keep them like they are. This would be hosted like a Torrent to avoid Steam.

The base game would be kind of like Sim City or basically what you guys have created for Sky Haven already, just tweaked a bit and way fewer building models. In fact, in the beginning, before a player created their own buildings or downloaded other player's buildings there would basically just be empty lots.

The thing is, all the content in-game would be created not by you guys (well some of the basic stuff needed such as power plants, schools, fire stations etc. would be available), but a vast majority of the content would be created by the user(s) in the game. Also, moving off of Steam would make saving files locally on the computer possible, and plugins in general would be easier to implement without Steam updating things and destroying everything (like what happens in Cities Skylines).




So, basically you guys just use the infrastructure you have already created for Sky Haven, upgrade the roads a bit so they can go above and below ground, and let the players design and build anything from 1X1 buildings to massive warehouses and huge skyscrapers/power plants/ university buildings. The key is making the buildings easy to share and store offline and you have provided a good building editor framework. The rest of the game will build itself- and much better than Sim City.

This could be a huge winner, just like the fun in Minecraft is user-created designing and building structures, you guys could "outsource" the hardest/most time consuming aspect of the game - the modeling of the in-game buildings to the players who would collectively create most of the in game assets for you- and love doing it.. You guys just rake in the dough.

Again, the most important thing would be to provide the players with a very good in-game building editor
, so half of the fun of the game would be in designing buildings that would appear in-game. You guys could release your own "packs" (such as an airport pack/parks pack/ Skyscrapers packs. To download - Think 1920's Chicago or New York style skyscrapers, or "Moscow 2020" pack etc. Many players would appreciate your modeling I'm sure, and willing to pay for a small expansion pack. Think "Ports" pack, complete with cranes, piers, etc. or Airport pack, which would supplement people's in-game airport creations. (you already made this one ;)

The building editor (to create Commercial, Residential/ Industrial/ School/ Port / etc.) would allow everything from smokestacks/watertanks on buildings to sleek Glass cladding to Ivy or brick could be selected. Players could import their own textures. Textures could be manipulated, changing hue, transparency etc. Players would then assemble their own buildings (I think it was SimCity 3000 that had a building editor? Can't remember) A system such as is used in the game "Foundation" would be great, where you can kind of assemble buildings from pre-existing pieces.

The biggest cost to developing a city building game is the design time in creating a huge number of buildings as far as I know, so why not just let the community build the buildings for you guys, and just provide them with a great software infrastructure and super bare bones base game to create whatever they want and do the "work" for you?

One of the main complaints with Cities Skylines was that the building lots were max 4X4 without using mods, this would allow for buildings of infinite lot sizes, and really could lead to something great.

Anyway, first things first- Sky Haven, but really feel like you guys could make a killing if you did a user-sourced city building game next.

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