Magnificence of the Sky Update

After long and rigorous tests we are now ready to deploy the next bug update. A new stage for the game with the new era of aviation. 

First of we would like to say a big THANK YOU to our community. Your efforts in the beta test of this update are invaluable. This release would hardly have been possible without you.

Long story short:

  • We added a new era with new buildings, airlines, planes, and vehicles.
  • We added custom terminal buildings with internal objects. Like check-in counter or gate.
  • We fixed some bugs. 

Here is a long read for more information:

Patch notes

New Features and improvements

  • New Delivery Trucks for each era(see details below)
  • New 4 airlines
  • New Liveries
  • New Researches
  • New specific look for cargo airplanes
  • Added custom terminal building(polygon, rect, editing tools) and terminal services
  • Added inbound/outbound passengers delivery to city/airport
  • Added and improved some localizations
  • Added a tooltip for the next tier in the airline window
  • Removed the new tier notification when the tier doesn’t yet have any active contracts
  • Added Lithuanian localization
  • The research button indicates if there is no active research
  • Show spacing zones for roads and buildings during terminal constructing
  • Setup animations for Trap1980, Trap1990
  • Implemented ramp vehicles parking check for stopping
  • Setup liveries for B737_200 and B737_200_Cargo
  • Added verification node for the Gate1950
  • Added amenity window
  • Slightly improved road rendering performance
  • Added staff for check-in and gate
  • Turned off build grid in the outer world
  • Added a new status “available but has connections” for the linking tool
  • Fixed description for lavatory drain truck
  • Improved roof hiding
  • New loading screens
  • Show direction arrow for terminal objects
  • Terminal services are got canceled if certain criteria aren’t met
  • Setup 1940/1950/1970 passengers
  • Setup catering for Avro Lancastrian
  • Changed service representation in the airliner window
  • Show unloaded to the airplane amount of fuel for fueling service
  • Don’t show progress numbers for the after-flight check service
  • No more timeout for inbound gate
  • New contracts for cargo
  • Removed default timings for pax services
  • Parking service can be canceled
  • Loading screen between scenes
  • Enlarged terrain play area
  • Increased max camera distance from 6km to 10km (some fps drops may occur on the max zoom out, trees rendering optimization in progress)
  • Don’t show the next tier button if there aren’t any available contracts
  • An improved research notification window
  • Added terminal building help section
  • Handled a case when no connection between an entrance and the supply network
  • Changed position of the ‘buy vehicle’ button
  • Fine isn’t deduced anymore for canceling outdated contracts
  • Adjusted entrance window
  • Adjusted check-in counter window
  • Supplies contracts for each era
  • Added and setup CargoFacility-1950, CargoFacility-1970
  • Adjusted floor tiles
  • Remove redundant terminal corners
  • Added sounds for new planes
  • Added new airliners icons
  • Add ATC Tower animations
  • Increased hiding roof distance
  • Changed terminal roof visual
  • Setup treatment facilities loop animation
  • Setup AgentCar-2000 and LiftTruckSmall-2000
  • Setup proper agents for AgentCar-1940, AgentCar-1960
  • Updated icons for booths
  • Widened the build panel to fit more buttons
  • Added Aerosvit airline and liveries
  • Updated BaggageRamp1970 and Entrance1950 models
  • Implemented pinning highlighted airplane trip
  • Adjusted terminal entrance zone(more space for placing internal objects)

“Magnificence of the sky” content:

  • Fuel trucks: Packard D40T Heavy Duty, Diamond TF-22, Saurer 12DM, Packard D55TH Stairways: SVAM SP-7, SVAM SP-11s
  • Buses: Saurer 225, Wright Omnibus SL55, Omnibus SL101
  • Loaders: AGS AL70, AGS AL90
  • Tugs: Willys AeroPorter 14, Gradshaw T550
  • Catering Trucks: Saurer CT2, Saurer CT8
  • AgentCar: Nova Izh
  • Cleaning Bus: Guzelle
  • Water Truck: Büssing ZU-1001UT
  • Drainage Truck: Büssing ZU-2111HW
  • Buildings: 2-Lane Advanced Station, Extended Fuel Storage Facility, Aero Catering factory, Asphalt Big Runway, Asphalt Runway Exit, Advanced Ramp Service, Weather Station, Advanced Cleaning Service, VHF omnidirectional range, Water supply and filtration station, Sewage Treatment Facility, Baggage Ramp, ATC Center, Asphalt Ramp, Concrete Runway, New Asphalt road, and taxiway
  • Airplanes: DC-10, L-1011 TriStar, A300, B767-300ER, B757-200, A310, ATR 72-500, A330-300, CRJ200, A340-300, B777-300ER, B737-700, B747-400, ERJ 145
  • Internal Terminal Objects: Gate’50, Entrance, Check-in counter’50, Security check’50, Baggage Ramp, Baggage Claim, Info Booth, Coffee Booth, Snack Booth, Souvenirs Booth, Newspapers Booth, Beverage Booth


Multiple fixes and tunings were made. Including (but not limited to):

  • Slight price changes for service buildings
  • Resource contracts size time scaling
  • Increased turnaround times
  • Adjusted pax timing and check-in performance
  • Adjusted amenities prices
  • Increased loan sizes
  • Improved passengers needs
  • Boosted amenities parameters

Bug fixes

  • multiple stability issues
  • fixed a crash when a transfer service works with a grass ramp
  • fixed tree removal when land purchased
  • fixed trying loading a wrong file from the console leads to exception throwing
  • fixed keymapping localizations
  • fixed graphics settings localizations
  • fixed showing incorrect workflow data for new airlines
  • fixed crash in the supply unloading procedure
  • fixed loading issue
  • fix null airplane value after canceling flight
  • fixed ready to get into vehicle error
  • fixes and improvements in the traffic system
  • fixed room floor generation issue
  • fixed polygon tool contains obstacle check
  • fixed a crash in spacing area lens activation
  • fixed a saving issue
  • fixed intersections check for terminal
  • fixed a polygon tool containing airfield building check
  • fixed timings for outbound service
  • fixed Path Found callback crash
  • fixed stopped hosting services from capturing traps from other ramps
  • fixed corrupted UI when there are no ramps
  • fixed attachable units
  • fixed loading checkpoint strategy
  • fixed a wrong strategy after canceling a flight
  • fixed action queue navigation issue
  • fixed gate1950 navigation issue
  • fixed doorway1950 navigation issue
  • fixed a crash while loading the save file
  • fixed the wrong bus at the gate
  • fixed missing flight data for passengers
  • fixed adding funds after passengers finished satisfaction checkpoint
  • fixed total passengers number in the check-in window
  • fixed supply bus freezing at the entrance
  • fixed supply bus freezing on the road to the entrance
  • fixed entrance facility approach agents counter issue
  • fixed terminal building “same wall error” check
  • fixed intersection error in the editing tool
  • fixed passengers move straight in some cases
  • fixed pending flight list when there are no on-demand ramps
  • fixed terminal polygon tool
  • fixed terminal intersections with airfield objects
  • fixed a possibility to place objects outside of airport shape
  • fixed Baggage Ramp road connection issue
  • fixed stuck services
  • fixed terminal navmesh generation issue
  • fixed stopping checkpoints
  • fixed stuck bus that waits for a late passenger
  • fixed vehicle buy button availability depending on the money available
  • fixed showing relation status by hovering on relink button in the facility window
  • fixed airplane window
  • fixed a crash with service blockers
  • fixed skipped flights
  • fixed entrance stopping
  • fixed cargo facility 1950 box collider
  • fixed stuck buses on the entrance
  • fixed the crash when opening the schedule window
  • fixed camera position on a new game
  • fixed pax boarding progress representation
  • fixed stuck baggage claim passengers
  • fixed canceling flight
  • fixed terrain
  • fixed departure when the parking service hit the soft deadline
  • fixed passengers going through the airfield
  • fixed vehicle parking navigation issue
  • fixed the double luggage removing from baggage claim
  • fixed a crash related to airplane doors
  • fixed Transferable Object crash
  • fixed captions for services states
  • fixed tiers unlocked before every contract is scheduled
  • fixed indoor passengers lighting
  • fixed a possibility to round wall’s object
  • fixed a crash during splitting walls
  • fixed hosting services get unblocked too early if outbound is canceled
  • fixed a crash during corner mesh regenerating
  • fixed queue stack overflow exception
  • fixed a crash during a wall deletion
  • fixed the gate’s path for passengers
  • fixed union walls after resetting the corner position in the editing tool
  • fixed scenario inconsistency after editing tool corner position reset
  • fixed wall removing bug
  • fixed first wall min distance to corner check for polygon tool
  • fixed min distance check to the corner for the editing tool
  • fixed wrong connection point maneuver lanes generation
  • fixed passengers stuck on the baggage claim
  • fixed a connection point crash
  • fixed several save/loading errors
  • fixed a crash related to passengers adding to a bus
  • fixed Entrance 1950 model flickering issue
  • fixed crash after loading when opening a certain vehicle window
  • fixed a bug with clearing intersection data and not updating it
  • fixed simple polygon generation on the intersection
  • fixed a possibility to place a building on the intersection
  • fixed game crashing when contracts weren’t found
  • fixed clerks capacity isn’t getting reset after a new game
  • fixed lanes leakage for resource supply deliveries
  • fixed a crash in the terminal polygon tool
  • fixed a crash after loading when passengers were trying to be spawned twice
  • fixed timings for outbound terminal service
  • fixed wrong gate connection notification issue
  • fixed navmesh regeneration issue
  • don’t allow destroying runways which have planes coming to it
  • fixed storage capacity settings for the new cargo terminals
  • fixed stuck vehicles on the ramp
  • fixed runway could be removed when there are planes heading to them
  • fixed assigning a vehicle with a job without any items
  • fixed crash on load related to the traffic system
  • fixed research notification next button issue
  • fixed a crash after loading save after another save
  • fixed stuck plane when switching between old and new terminals
  • fixed stuck bus and missing passengers after loading
  • fixed stuck busses on old terminals
  • fixed flight servicing isn’t finished by std
  • fixed indicator of scheduled flights
  • fixed previous tier’s contracts weren’t unlocked properly
  • fixed reward icons
  • fixed baggage ramp 1970
  • fixed checking removing
  • fixed a crash when canceling service
  • fixed supplies configs
  • fixed Kansaco supply vehicles livery issue
  • fixed a problem with removed baggage claim
  • fixed CateringCartage-1930 stuck issue
  • fixed several crashes related to the traffic system
  • fixed a loading issue that led to errors
  • fixed a rare crash during activation terminal building tool
  • fixed that sometimes a tier is only unlocked after saving/loading
  • fixed a bug with placing doors on internal walls
  • fixed a bug with the impossibility to interact with internal objects
  • fixed impossibility to build a wall with polygon tool (CONTAINS_OBJECTS_ON_INTERNAL_WALLS)
  • fixed AirCargo1930 layout that breaks existing saves
  • fixed supply truck with first null lane issue
  • fixed single executor for transferring cargo
  • fixed infinite cargo loading
  • fixed AirCargo1930 traffic system network
  • fixed crash after attempting to start a new game
  • fixed modern ramp
  • fixed asphalt runway lenses issue
  • fixed Queue loading issue
  • fixed for new planes
  • setup all waiting spots for Modern Ramp facilities
  • fixed missing modern ramp icon in resource management windows issue
  • setup TaxiWayAsphalt for ModernRamp and AsphaltRunwayExit
  • added missing Sabena livery for Handley Page W
  • fixed a possibility to remove a room with objects inside
  • fixed navmesh regeneration after split and union rooms
  • fixed forest people bug
  • fixed navmesh regeneration after placing wall objects
  • fixed a crash on loading from a save file
  • fixed new catering vehicles
  • fixed advanced fuel station crash by clicking on it
  • fixed a crash on clerk hiring
  • fixed loss of research officers even if they have another office building to move to
  • fixed that researchers sometimes worked at nighttime (19:00 7:00)
  • added a missing icon for info panel
  • fixed loading to times the same save leads to crash
  • fixed passengers removal from the queue
  • fixed crash when attempting to place some buildings
  • fixed bulldozer tool decorations and buildings removing
  • fixed a possibility to edit terminal outside the terminal area
  • fixed stuck bus problem after the gate is closed
  • fixed saving issue with missing buses
  • fixed floor mesh generation
  • fixed catering issue for DH50
  • fixed unexpected pre-flight check
  • fixed GUI skin blocks production build
  • fixed a crash when airline tier settings were removed
  • fixed amenities booths
  • fixed a crash with loading some airfield vehicles
  • fixed no facility in a passenger strategy after loading
  • fixed a crash related to the traffic system
  • fixed splitting road after loading
  • fixed a crash related to terminal services
  • fixed 1920 first flight crash
  • fixed save load crash related to lost passengers
  • fixed baggage claim missing luggage crash
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Devblog #11

Good day, dear tycoons! The very last news are here!


If you missed somehow: we successfully finished a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Thank our great backers 150% were raised! That was an amazing and inspirational experience.

Short answer: “It’s not possible at the moment”

We are getting a lot of requests for late back, beta access etc. Unfortunately this not possible at the moment. We got a very straight answer from Steam: it’s not allowed to sell Steam keys before release. So as we will not start the second crowdfunding campaign somewhere (we will not) we are not allowed to distribute Steam keys. If you have any ideas please share on our forum or twitter.

Beta Test

The beta test was started after the Kickstarter campaign. We don’t have dedicated QA so it’s hard to overestimate testers’ contribution. Again: Thank you for helping to bring closer the release date.

Some facts about the process:

Players launched the game last month
Game sessions
Tickets in the bug tracker
Bugs fixed
What is going on right now?

We are working on the next major update. It includes:

  • Schedule returned. Operating airport with simultaneously on-demand and scheduled flights (good base for GA😉). The player will be able to choose what type of flight will be accepted each ramp. Together with that, we do some refactoring for flights’ templates and generators.
  • Fuel Service Management. Fuel companies, different types of contracts and supplies’ time management. We will implement similar management for each service. Though Fuel Management is one of the most complex. Also, the general control dashboard will be implemented for all services and airport operations.
  • Bank loans. Not that big feature but highly requested.
  • Content updates. Minor model tweaks (like new DC4 with galley door etc.) and improving PAX animations.
  • And last but not least: bug fix.


One little pre-announcement in the end. We are going to take part in several expos this year. So if the virus and selection boards will let us participate we will be glad to see you in our booth: the freshest build and the devs in the flesh. We will provide more details later. Stay tuned!

Real Welders.

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Devblog #10

Hi аll!

Sky Haven goes to Kickstarter! Subscribe not to miss the start on

We will show something never shown before and you will understand why it is taking us that long to make the game 😉

You probably know our team have been working on airport tycoon Sky Haven for several years. We have come a long way. This was pretty hard but interesting and exciting path. Now time has come for the next step.

The game grew up and many features were implemented and a lot of features to be done. We want to share the experience of the game now and together with your thoughts and feedback polish the gameplay to its fullest.

Project complexity is challenging but we don’t want get rid of its core features. We love the game and believe together with the community we can make it.

What’s next

A lot of updates. Last year we kept in a secret a lot of our work because we were not sure if we can make it and didn’t want to let you down with empty promises. Now we confident that we can. We have already done almost all the path and with your support we will make the great game.

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Devblog #9


It looks like intervals between our devblogs are becoming increasingly larger instead of smaller.

Well, the bigger the project, the more ends you have to tie and more work to complete for each next step. We will try (again) to issue next devblog faster than in 5 months.

What we did in all of the time that has passed:

  1. We finally got Airlines (more details below)
  2. Roads and Traffic:
    • All the vehicles now make turns correctly(almost every time).
    • Because of correct turns, we had to remake roads and taxiways. They are better now.
    • Auxiliary snapping for roads and taxiways. Highlights and rulers assist in making a great road system.
    • Tooltips and highlights are shown when a road cannot be placed. It’s easy to understand what interferes with road construction.

3. Services :

    • RAMP Service – After Flight Check. Agents inspect an airplane after arriving.
    • ULD cargo load is (almost) done: special load vehicles and LD3 cargo units. Now the airport will be able to take in heavy airplanes.

4. UI/UX:

    • Vehicles’ deployment on the selected parking. It’s possible to determine the parking option for each unit. E.g. the player may want to have Fuel Trucks closer to the Fuel Station or Buses closer to the gates, etc. Now you just place a Parking Lot in the position you want and buy the vehicles you want to have on it. If you miss, just re-attach your unit to another Parking Lot.
    • Different cursors help to understand what mode you are in: bulldozer, traffic link, etc.
    • Outline for a hovered object. We got tired of missing objects we want to click on when choosing objects and vehicles. Now we have a cute outline for highlighting them to solve that problem.
    • Tooltips. Many tooltips for everything. We will add this feature that the player could get information about any object or UI element. 

5. Optimization:

    • A lot of new content was added: Airplanes, Fuel Trucks, etc. Some of those things we had shown on Twitter, some things not yet. 
    • Huge optimization on memory distribution and performance. The game is becoming more and more complex, but we try to keep the FPS and requirements within reason.  
    • Over 300 commits starting with “Fixed” or “Improved”

New services coming very soon:

  • Water supply 
  • Lavatory drainage
  • Ground Power
  • Pushback Jet Bridge


Now the player gets all flights from the Airlines. They are different – they have different demands, fleet, and passengers. The airport can work with limited airlines simultaneously. Of course, this limit can be increased with research and airport development.

Each airline has tiers of cooperation, At the start, any airline provides a limited amount of flights – Tier 0 flights. To reach the next level (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc) the player has to schedule all current flights and meet specific demands for the tier: apron services, terminal services,  rating, passenger traffic, etc. Each airline has different requirements based on its type (International, Domestic and Discount).

The airport now can be “wide” or “tall”  (yes we love 4x games 😉 ). Focus on work with specific airlines and become the main hub for them. Or try to work with as many airlines as possible. Or find a comfortable balance.


We are not ready to announce a specific date. But definitely, Early Access will be this fall. Fall 2019.




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Devblog #8

Hello tycoons! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year was very busy and fruitful. We put together the first playable build and showed it at Gamescom. And we are still dealing with feedback 😂.

We have long discussed and thought in what form and when to release the game. But, thanks to the work after the exhibition, it became clear that in its current form this would not be something that we had originally conceived and could deceive the expectations of many. Therefore, it was decided to move the release to 2019.

We are announcing this now because until the last moment we were not sure. However, this will definitely benefit the game.

Much has been done since the last the devblog. Much more to be done.

Last updates:

  • New UI. Our goal is to make the game intuitive. Now the player sees all the income and expenses on the screen. If any aircraft or vehicle has a problem, a specific icon(badge) appears hovering that aircraft or vehicle. In addition, every day the player can see a daily report with a detailed description of income and losses.

  • Parking. Now the vehicles are in the parking lot. You can see what vehicles and how much space is left in them. If necessary, you can transfer equipment from one parking lot to another. At the same time the garage remains in the game, in it vehicles are serviced and maintained when the time comes. A progress bar in the window of each vehicle shows how much time your vehicle has left before it needs to be serviced.

  • The refueling service now consists of two types of buildings – Fuel Storages and Fuel Stations. Storages are responsible for the amount of fuel at the airport, and Fuel Stations for timely refueling of Fuel Trucks. The progress of refueling is now displayed in real time in the Fuel Station window.

  • Linkin park. Parking link. Each parking lot can be connected to certain ramps. Thus, specific ramps can be serviced by specific parking lots. Thanks to this, the player will be able to prioritize service and optimize logistics on the airfield.

  • Negotiations. Yes, now the player can negotiate changing different parameters of the transaction before signing it. At first, there is little that can be changed, but by improving his negotiation skills (yes, research), the player will be able to adjust more and more contract parameters.

  • Speed. We slightly changed the speed of the game and added another speed. Now, on the one hand, you can see how everything moves smoothly and realistically, and on the other hand, if necessary, you can quickly fast forward time. Even at the fastest speed nothing breaks down and works as it should.

What’s next

    • First of all, we will continue to work on the stability of the game and prepare for release.
    • Even more interfaces and tools to manage the game.
    • Implementation of the new services at the airport: Water, Waste Management, GPU (ground power unit), Pushback (!) and others.
  • Something secret that we are working on, but for the time being we are not revealing it.

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Happy holidays. Real Welders Team.


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Devblog #7


Couple weeks ago we showcased the game at Gamescom in Köln.

The special build was made for the exhibition. Most of them are about gameplay convenience. Such as building-to-road snapping etc. But also you can check out a new traffic system.


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Devblog #6

Hello folks!

We hope our frequent devblog does not bother you 😉

If you still didn’t know, we have important news. Sky Haven’s Steam page has been launched! You can find all the important updates and discussions there. We still issue devblogs although not as often as we want, but at least we answer quickly on the steam community forums and our website forum.

It took a bit more time than anticipated for all the goals that were achieved:

  • Multi-unit requests – DONE!
  • Catering – DONE!
  • New UI – many many windows and elements – DONE!
  • Even more optimization and debugging – in progress 🙂

In addition we added luggage unload and transportation (“bulk” type) from airplanes to terminal. Awesome coop of Belt Loader and Tugs & Dollies. Also tons of small fixes and improvements: ramps with mount, registration numbers on the aircrafts and many, many other fixes. Good job Real Welders.  🙂

What we are doing now:

  • Runway as a checkpoint: proper use, minimum interval, departure and arrival queues, etc.
  • Queue corridors. As game a lot about queue systems this is a very important feature.
  • Traffic system on apron. You can notice that all the vehicles move in the center of the roads and can pass through each other. Time to fix this. 

Also we going to publish a new video next few weeks. Some issues have to be fixed before that and we will introduce four services (luggage, passengers, fueling, catering) working.


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Devblog #5

Hello folks!

We hope our frequent devblog does not bother you 😉

If you still didn’t know, we have important news. Sky Haven’s Steam page has been launched! You can find all the important updates and discussions there. We still issue devblogs although not as often as we want, but at least we answer quickly on the steam community forums and our website forum.


In this devblog we reveal a bit how interaction works with airlines.

There are three types of airlines in the game:

  • Discounter
  • Domestic
  • International

The types determine the main focus of an airline. E.g. some discounters have privilege class, but mainly they are lowcosters. Or International airlines can make domestic flights with a small airplane but mainly they use big planes for long haul flights. Discounters need few services, but a fast turnaround. International types, on the other hand, need many different services and are more focused on quality. Domestic airlines can combine options of the other two.

Each type of airline tends to use specific airplanes: wide-bodies for international, narrow-bodies for domestic and discounters. Also some domestic types can have small airplanes often and medium sized planes are usually popular with discounters.

One more difference in passengers. Discounters’ passengers don’t require much in the airport. Just some snacks and drinks and they won’t be upset much if they won’t find any. Domestic airlines have more demanding passengers. Also they have business and 1st class passengers that want something more comfortable than a snack booth. On the other hand they pay more. Finally International airlines have even more bizarre passengers, including VIPs. They require lounges, luxury cafes etc. After passenger leaves, he or she rates the airport. Rating is very important as it defines how current and new airlines will cooperate with the player.

Airline Hub

when scheduling and performing flights of a specific airline, the player gets “relationship points” for that airline. When there are enough points, new relationship level is unlocked. Each level offers challenges and benefits. Challenges consist of rating, common infrastructure (e.g. total number of gates), dedicated infrastructure (e.g. number of gates dedicated to the airline). Benefits make up more flights to the airport. Finally an airline could decide to make a hub in the airport. This will bring even more flights and passengers but also it will impact gameplay with strict requirements.


Buses attracted our attention again. Some bus drivers didn’t want to deliver passengers to gates.  Sometimes they even drove them directly to the garage. We have to work a bit on their navigation and motivation.

Fueling mechanics and fuel supply are almost in the final stage. Now fuel station has max amount, replenishing speed etc. If it is necessary, fuel trucks can refill their tanks. Of course all the parameters are upgradable via research.

All the vehicles now know their place on the ramp. It’s important because we plan to add even more services so there has to be order on the ramp.

We polished the look of the game. Lighting system was highly improved.

Instead of catering we decided to implement baggage handling. As it is more important in airports.


  • Multi-unit requests (still in progress).
  • Catering.
  • Even more optimization and debuging. As project grows we have to pay attention to this more and more.
  • New UI! It’s time to change prototype interface to something more fancy and convenient. However it’s still not final.

See you in the next devblog! Coming (we hope) soon!


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Devblog #4

We are glad to welcome you back to our irregular blog!

Much has happened since the last letter. First of all we took part in a conference – DevGAMM Minsk 2017. We are eager to share some interesting videos from Game Lynch (one of the events on the conference) with you. We all had lot of fun and useful feedback. Many new weird bugs as well.

Look at this landing airplane, it’s a bit strange (may be it is because we still don’t have RWY lights):

Try to find the table with a game about airports:


Today we will talk about an airport zoning. All spaces in the terminal are split into zones: international, domestic, clear, common, etc. Some of these zones can overlap onto each other: Clean Domestic, Clean International, Common Domestic, etc. But some can not: impossible to have “Common International”.

Zones are formed by entrances and gateways. E.g. Security check has “Clear” zone on it’s exit, “Passport control” has “International”, etc. Of course there are several rules how to resolve instances where different gateways lead to different zones in the same area.

Zones determine which objects can be constructed. Duty free can only be in the “International” zone, Passport control – only in “Clean” zone, etc. However gates coulcand be placed in almost any zone. At the start you don’t really care about this. Only the most undemanding airlines will agree to work with you. But when you will want to cooperate with bigger companies, your airport will have to provide Security Checks and Gates in “Clean” zones. With International flights you will need Passport controls and “International” zones.

In a big multi-zoned terminal it could be pretty challenging to manage all the flows and gateways.


Thanks to the DevGAMM preparation we greatly improved game stability and polished a lot. When you demonstrate a game to a fresh audience, you want to have all the small bugs cleaned. Also Game Lynch and the showcase event gave us a lot of new ideas and inspiration.

We have improved our core apron management. The system known as “Ground Units & Landed Aircrafts’ Guidance” has been cut. We have new one “Enhanced-On-Land-Guidance” instead. It much more advanced and fast. New abbreviation for the system sounds much better as well.

A lot of small but important improvements in the interface were made. E.g. new fancy zone highlighting:

Do not hesitate subscribe our twitter. There are something interesting there: new remote ramps with “drive-through” for aircrafts(Twitter) or  super awesome take-off and landing. Checkout this video (Twitter).

May be we are forgetting something. Check out the gameplay video. Something interesting can be found:


  • First of all we will make an effort to post devblogs more often.
  • Currently we are working on a Catering system. It will be ready soon.
  • Each service can demand more than one unit. Especially for big planes. E.g. 3 or 4 apron buses.
  • All tech vehicles will have correct waiting positions near ramps. And smaller versions for ramps and runways will be added soon.
  • We will continue to make the economy system and other stuff. Now it’s time for us go back to development.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Devblog #3

Hi everybody!

Long time since we’ve given any word. We even missed(skipped) the September devblog. Though we’re still sharing a lot on our twitter. The tweet about this devblog will be #100 as a matter of fact.

First of all – important news: we are showcasing in the Devgamm conference which will be held in Minsk, Belarus. On the 17th of September we will show our first playable version of the game. So we will glad be to meet everybody who wants play and grab a couple of stickers.

Continuing on with the devblog – in the Design sections we reveal how passengers will get to an airplane within the game. In the Report sections is our first Gameplay Trailer! And in the end we share our plans and over optimistic time estimations. 😉


If you have subscribed to our twitter, you may have already seen all the ways for boarding and disembarking. We have planned implementation for all the following options:

  • Shuttle apron buses (done)
  • Walkways (nearly done)
  • Jet bridges. Simple and complex. With one, two or even three connections.

Also there will be several types of stairs including integrated ones (such as on small jet planes)

One boarding/disembarking option is never better than another just by default. There will be a demand for each type: discounters require simple and cheap means, internationals require conveniency for their passengers. It’s the player’s choice of how and what to work with.


Main result – we have a playable version. Hooray! Here is a short video:

Of course there is a lot to be polished here. Sometimes we find strange features or possible bugs. E.g. a passenger who can’t find the exit stays in the airport and live there forever like in the movie “Terminal”.


We will continue to polish and fix current features. Have you checked out our new current UI? We will make it even better.  Also we will work a bit on vehicle physics and make movement more realistic.
We continue to add new content based on the current core game. It means new services for passengers and airliners.
And last but not least! We are finally starting to sharpen the economy balance using not only pre-planned spreadsheets but also the real game.

Sincerely yours,

Real Welders Team


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