Good day, dear tycoons! The very last news are here!


If you missed somehow: we successfully finished a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Thank our great backers 150% were raised! That was an amazing and inspirational experience.

Short answer: “It’s not possible at the moment”

We are getting a lot of requests for late back, beta access etc. Unfortunately this not possible at the moment. We got a very straight answer from Steam: it’s not allowed to sell Steam keys before release. So as we will not start the second crowdfunding campaign somewhere (we will not) we are not allowed to distribute Steam keys. If you have any ideas please share on our forum or twitter.

Beta Test

The beta test was started after the Kickstarter campaign. We don’t have dedicated QA so it’s hard to overestimate testers’ contribution. Again: Thank you for helping to bring closer the release date.

Some facts about the process:

Players launched the game last month
Game sessions
Tickets in the bug tracker
Bugs fixed
What is going on right now?

We are working on the next major update. It includes:

  • Schedule returned. Operating airport with simultaneously on-demand and scheduled flights (good base for GA😉). The player will be able to choose what type of flight will be accepted each ramp. Together with that, we do some refactoring for flights’ templates and generators.
  • Fuel Service Management. Fuel companies, different types of contracts and supplies’ time management. We will implement similar management for each service. Though Fuel Management is one of the most complex. Also, the general control dashboard will be implemented for all services and airport operations.
  • Bank loans. Not that big feature but highly requested.
  • Content updates. Minor model tweaks (like new DC4 with galley door etc.) and improving PAX animations.
  • And last but not least: bug fix.


One little pre-announcement in the end. We are going to take part in several expos this year. So if the virus and selection boards will let us participate we will be glad to see you in our booth: the freshest build and the devs in the flesh. We will provide more details later. Stay tuned!

Real Welders.