Hi аll!

Sky Haven goes to Kickstarter! Subscribe not to miss the start on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rwelders/sky-haven

We will show something never shown before and you will understand why it is taking us that long to make the game 😉

You probably know our team have been working on airport tycoon Sky Haven for several years. We have come a long way. This was pretty hard but interesting and exciting path. Now time has come for the next step.

The game grew up and many features were implemented and a lot of features to be done. We want to share the experience of the game now and together with your thoughts and feedback polish the gameplay to its fullest.

Project complexity is challenging but we don’t want get rid of its core features. We love the game and believe together with the community we can make it.

What’s next

A lot of updates. Last year we kept in a secret a lot of our work because we were not sure if we can make it and didn’t want to let you down with empty promises. Now we confident that we can. We have already done almost all the path and with your support we will make the great game.