Hello tycoons! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year was very busy and fruitful. We put together the first playable build and showed it at Gamescom. And we are still dealing with feedback ๐Ÿ˜‚.

We have long discussed and thought in what form and when to release the game. But, thanks to the work after the exhibition, it became clear that in its current form this would not be something that we had originally conceived and could deceive the expectations of many. Therefore, it was decided to move the release to 2019.

We are announcing this now because until the last moment we were not sure. However, this will definitely benefit the game.

Much has been done since the last the devblog. Much more to be done.

Last updates:

  • New UI. Our goal is to make the game intuitive. Now the player sees all the income and expenses on the screen. If any aircraft or vehicle has a problem, a specific icon(badge) appears hovering that aircraft or vehicle. In addition, every day the player can see a daily report with a detailed description of income and losses.

  • Parking. Now the vehicles are in the parking lot. You can see what vehicles and how much space is left in them. If necessary, you can transfer equipment from one parking lot to another. At the same time the garage remains in the game, in it vehicles are serviced and maintained when the time comes. A progress bar in the window of each vehicle shows how much time your vehicle has left before it needs to be serviced.

  • The refueling service now consists of two types of buildings – Fuel Storages and Fuel Stations. Storages are responsible for the amount of fuel at the airport, and Fuel Stations for timely refueling of Fuel Trucks. The progress of refueling is now displayed in real time in the Fuel Station window.

  • Linkin park. Parking link. Each parking lot can be connected to certain ramps. Thus, specific ramps can be serviced by specific parking lots. Thanks to this, the player will be able to prioritize service and optimize logistics on the airfield.

  • Negotiations. Yes, now the player can negotiate changing different parameters of the transaction before signing it. At first, there is little that can be changed, but by improving his negotiation skills (yes, research), the player will be able to adjust more and more contract parameters.

  • Speed. We slightly changed the speed of the game and added another speed. Now, on the one hand, you can see how everything moves smoothly and realistically, and on the other hand, if necessary, you can quickly fast forward time. Even at the fastest speed nothing breaks down and works as it should.

Whatโ€™s next

    • First of all, we will continue to work on the stability of the game and prepare for release.
    • Even more interfaces and tools to manage the game.
    • Implementation of the new services at the airport: Water, Waste Management, GPU (ground power unit), Pushback (!) and others.
  • Something secret that we are working on, but for the time being we are not revealing it.

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Happy holidays. Real Welders Team.