Hello folks!

We hope our frequent devblog does not bother you 😉

If you still didn’t know, we have important news. Sky Haven’s Steam page has been launched! You can find all the important updates and discussions there. We still issue devblogs although not as often as we want, but at least we answer quickly on the steam community forums and our website forum.

It took a bit more time than anticipated for all the goals that were achieved:

  • Multi-unit requests – DONE!
  • Catering – DONE!
  • New UI – many many windows and elements – DONE!
  • Even more optimization and debugging – in progress 🙂

In addition we added luggage unload and transportation (“bulk” type) from airplanes to terminal. Awesome coop of Belt Loader and Tugs & Dollies. Also tons of small fixes and improvements: ramps with mount, registration numbers on the aircrafts and many, many other fixes. Good job Real Welders.  🙂

What we are doing now:

  • Runway as a checkpoint: proper use, minimum interval, departure and arrival queues, etc.
  • Queue corridors. As game a lot about queue systems this is a very important feature.
  • Traffic system on apron. You can notice that all the vehicles move in the center of the roads and can pass through each other. Time to fix this. 

Also we going to publish a new video next few weeks. Some issues have to be fixed before that and we will introduce four services (luggage, passengers, fueling, catering) working.