Hello folks!

We hope our frequent devblog does not bother you 😉

If you still didn’t know, we have important news. Sky Haven’s Steam page has been launched! You can find all the important updates and discussions there. We still issue devblogs although not as often as we want, but at least we answer quickly on the steam community forums and our website forum.


In this devblog we reveal a bit how interaction works with airlines.

There are three types of airlines in the game:

  • Discounter
  • Domestic
  • International

The types determine the main focus of an airline. E.g. some discounters have privilege class, but mainly they are lowcosters. Or International airlines can make domestic flights with a small airplane but mainly they use big planes for long haul flights. Discounters need few services, but a fast turnaround. International types, on the other hand, need many different services and are more focused on quality. Domestic airlines can combine options of the other two.

Each type of airline tends to use specific airplanes: wide-bodies for international, narrow-bodies for domestic and discounters. Also some domestic types can have small airplanes often and medium sized planes are usually popular with discounters.

One more difference in passengers. Discounters’ passengers don’t require much in the airport. Just some snacks and drinks and they won’t be upset much if they won’t find any. Domestic airlines have more demanding passengers. Also they have business and 1st class passengers that want something more comfortable than a snack booth. On the other hand they pay more. Finally International airlines have even more bizarre passengers, including VIPs. They require lounges, luxury cafes etc. After passenger leaves, he or she rates the airport. Rating is very important as it defines how current and new airlines will cooperate with the player.

Airline Hub

when scheduling and performing flights of a specific airline, the player gets “relationship points” for that airline. When there are enough points, new relationship level is unlocked. Each level offers challenges and benefits. Challenges consist of rating, common infrastructure (e.g. total number of gates), dedicated infrastructure (e.g. number of gates dedicated to the airline). Benefits make up more flights to the airport. Finally an airline could decide to make a hub in the airport. This will bring even more flights and passengers but also it will impact gameplay with strict requirements.


Buses attracted our attention again. Some bus drivers didn’t want to deliver passengers to gates.  Sometimes they even drove them directly to the garage. We have to work a bit on their navigation and motivation.

Fueling mechanics and fuel supply are almost in the final stage. Now fuel station has max amount, replenishing speed etc. If it is necessary, fuel trucks can refill their tanks. Of course all the parameters are upgradable via research.

All the vehicles now know their place on the ramp. It’s important because we plan to add even more services so there has to be order on the ramp.

We polished the look of the game. Lighting system was highly improved.

Instead of catering we decided to implement baggage handling. As it is more important in airports.


  • Multi-unit requests (still in progress).
  • Catering.
  • Even more optimization and debuging. As project grows we have to pay attention to this more and more.
  • New UI! It’s time to change prototype interface to something more fancy and convenient. However it’s still not final.

See you in the next devblog! Coming (we hope) soon!