Hi everybody!

Long time since we’ve given any word. We even missed(skipped) the September devblog. Though we’re still sharing a lot on our twitter. The tweet about this devblog will be #100 as a matter of fact.

First of all – important news: we are showcasing in the Devgamm conference which will be held in Minsk, Belarus. On the 17th of September we will show our first playable version of the game. So we will glad be to meet everybody who wants play and grab a couple of stickers.

Continuing on with the devblog – in the Design sections we reveal how passengers will get to an airplane within the game. In the Report sections is our first Gameplay Trailer! And in the end we share our plans and over optimistic time estimations. 😉


If you have subscribed to our twitter, you may have already seen all the ways for boarding and disembarking. We have planned implementation for all the following options:

  • Shuttle apron buses (done)
  • Walkways (nearly done)
  • Jet bridges. Simple and complex. With one, two or even three connections.

Also there will be several types of stairs including integrated ones (such as on small jet planes)

One boarding/disembarking option is never better than another just by default. There will be a demand for each type: discounters require simple and cheap means, internationals require conveniency for their passengers. It’s the player’s choice of how and what to work with.


Main result – we have a playable version. Hooray! Here is a short video:

Of course there is a lot to be polished here. Sometimes we find strange features or possible bugs. E.g. a passenger who can’t find the exit stays in the airport and live there forever like in the movie “Terminal”.


We will continue to polish and fix current features. Have you checked out our new current UI? We will make it even better.  Also we will work a bit on vehicle physics and make movement more realistic.
We continue to add new content based on the current core game. It means new services for passengers and airliners.
And last but not least! We are finally starting to sharpen the economy balance using not only pre-planned spreadsheets but also the real game.

Sincerely yours,

Real Welders Team